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i do films, animation, web stuff and draw a bit. most of my work eventually appears on this site in some form. please sit down, have a drink and take a look around. then [email].
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Ginza signage a few days after the holidays.
Pick an album below:
Game Night
Wii, Guitar Hero and Gears of War
Jo's trip
Jolene's trip to Japan - Tokyo, Nagoya etc
Boarding in Gifu
Zhizhong and I show Gifu how it's done
18 Hours in Shanghai
Airports and Maglevs in Shanghai
Harajuku Randomness
Old Pics : An average weekend afternoon in Harajuku
Karting with Hiro
Old Pics : Yokohama F1 Dream karting with Matsuura-san
Tokyo Housewarming
Breaking the new place in...
Done way back in '05 but never posted
My new place in development...
Signage a few days after the holidays.
General Hospital
Deviant Doctors and Nympho Nurses in da hizzouse. (Pics from Shikha)
BFD & Karaoke @ ECP
Seeing Supriya off in style at ECP, with seafood, beer and karaoke. (Pics from Shikha)
The Premiere of 'Tokyo Confidential'
Sid 'Nerte' Karri's pics from the premiere of 'Tokyo Confidential' at the new house.
NGC Tokyo Trip
Jeff 'audiopictoria' Zohari's pictures from our National Geographic MyAsia prize trip to Tokyo.
Rose's Wedding
Back in Madras at Abhiramapuram - preparations for the wedding in full swing.
Das Boot
The maiden voyage of the Beetlejuicer.
Ria's Wedding
Wedding season in Cochin - Ria's turn.
Misc Cochin
Pictures from Bolghatty, the harbour, Adhirapally etc.
Cricket in Olavaippu
Showcasing the various cousins' mad l33t cricket skillz.
Frog Invasion
Fabien and Amelie drop by for a few jars on their way to Korea.
More Halloween Bus
More Ghouls and Ghoulery from Shikha's camera.
Halloween Bus '03
The Singapore Halloween Bus Tour - 7 clubs, 1 bus and more nurse's costumes than you can shake a syringe at.
24th at Balaclava
It just seems like a really big number.
Tokyo Cityscapes
Day and Night from the top of Mori tower.
Misc. Japan
Bits and pieces - some from Osaka, some capsule hotel etc.
Daigoku vidcaps
Tokyo street-racers up close and personal
Cellshocked Premiere
The grand, gala, star-studded premiere for Cellshocked at Nadine + the screening at Fort Canning.
Union Bar
Oyster shooters and Nuts at Union Bar on Club Street
DB Grads 02 MidProgram
Champagne and camaraderie at the end of the Deutsche Grads 02 MidProgram Training in Singapore.
Microlights in Malacca
Malacca, Microlights and the Century Makhota.
Ney Years 02
The usual gang of idiots at Walas.
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Cellshocked Premiere
The grand, gala, star-studded premiere for Cellshocked at Nadine + the screening at Fort Canning.

Cellshocked was a finalist (8 out of 120 entries) at the Evian Starlight Cinema Short Film festival and was screened at Fort Canning, and an article even made the papers. It didnt actually win anything at the festival though =P